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How User-Generated Content Is Used By Experts To Boost Social Media Marketing Campaigns?

According to the definition, UGC or user-generated content is the visual and written content created and posted by the customer base. It has proven to be one of the most effective tools you can have at your disposal. Like any other new strategy, UGC also requires proper planning for acquisition and use. A survey shows that 86% of the experts have made attempts to use user-generated content in their Social media marketing endeavors but only 27% of them say that they have a proper plan to achieve the goal. If you are also feeling at loss regarding the subject and are not sure about how to use this tool, then doing research and gathering information on the subject will be required.

The way in which you can use user-generated content for social media marketing and to help your business in general, are:

Through Reviews:

  • Customer reviews are one of the most effective ways of establishing trust and showing the potential buyer that your products are real and reliable. Getting reviewed frequently is a simple way of getting more traffic, building trustworthiness, and enhance the conversion rate.
  • You can encourage your customers and potential client base to post reviews by offering coupons, gift cards, reward points, and so on. These reviews can be posted on the official website or third-party forums. Posting reviews both on-site and off-site is important and beneficial for the business. You can send emails to the customers with incentive keywords. It will be an effective way of catching the attention of the customers.
  • Treating every review properly, especially the negative ones will be another way of gaining trust from the customers. Responding to each of the reviews, being courteous, and showing that you care about the opinions of every one of your customers will be the right thing to do here. Both positive and negative reviews have equal importance in helping a brand to look authentic and reliable.

Through Hashtag Contests:

One of the simplest ways of ensuring the acquisition of customer-generated content is announcing contests. Creating unique and relevant hashtags will help with this endeavor as well. You can encourage the customers to use the hashtag while posting their content to win prizes. Use of a specific hashtag will popularize it and make it trend. This will ensure better engagement with the clients while having room for brand awareness and sales boost.

Through Video Content:

Videos are one of the best and most effective ways of creating and using customer-generated content. Such a video is capable of helping customers connect with the business in ways that can’t happen in any other way. Additionally, various conducted surveys have proven that a user-generated video content is viewed 10 times more than the official video based on the same product or subject. Such videos have way better shareability and greater chance to get viral. This can boost both the following and loyalty towards your brand which will result in success and better profit.

Through Gamification:

This is the process under which a user is instructed to complete a few tasks and then he/she gets the reward or recognized for their participation in the event. Like actual games, you can also offer a structure and incentives to the users for participating and sharing their experiences in the process. Small incentives are well-known for encouraging people to put in extra effort in doing things they wouldn’t have done otherwise. This way, gamification helps to create a long-term relationship with the clients, transforming a follower into a loyal customer.

These are the ways in which you can implement user-generated content to boost the Social media marketing strategy and campaign for your business. To know more about user-generated content, please keep an eye on our blog page.

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