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Understanding The Concept Of User-Generated Content And Its Importance In Social Media Marketing

When it comes to Social media marketing, the experts have an arsenal of tools at their disposal and some of them are considered to be more effective than the others. Such a tool is user-generated content or UGC. As per the definition, it is more like a vote of confidence towards a brand provided by the customers and come in numerous forms. Every brand has a number of loyal followers. They buy products, snap photos, write reviews, blogs and posts them online. They essentially promote the product without any prompting on your part. This spontaneous and genuine content is quite capable of helping your brand to grow bigger and more popular. To understand the importance of such content, you need to know about the benefits it offers.

UGC Puts The Client At The Center – One of the most prominent and important benefits of user-generated content is the fact that, it creates a win-win situation for both the business and customer. By using this type of content, you are allowing the clients’ voices tell your story which has a strain of authenticity that cannot be duplicated. Instead of marketing at your audience, you are marketing with them which helps shape the brand with more effectiveness than you imagined. Putting the client at the center increases your brand value amongst existing and potential clients.

It Offers Social Proof – By using user-generated content, you will have access to social proofs. This is because, whenever a client is posting anything, he/she is creating proofs for others to pursue. Coming from real customers, the proofs are quite effective in increasing the credibility of the business. Additionally, these posts also bring the promises of your brand into perspective. The social proofs showing that you are keeping your promises is extremely beneficial towards the reputation and success of the business.

Increased Trustworthiness Of The Content – It has been proven that people notwithstanding demographic and ages tend to trust user-generated content more than any content you have created. The main reason behind this is the fact the content is created by people who genuinely love your brand and the products. Hence, the opinion is considered to be unbiased. Surveys have proven that 47% of the millennials and 36% of the baby boomers trust UGC in comparison to 25% of both demographics trusting branded content. Likewise, 72% of people are influenced by Instagram photos of a product posted by users. A user posted video on YouTube, has 10x more views than branded content. One of the biggest reasons behind this trustworthiness is the fact that, user-generated content does not push or give a sales pitch. They are indeed genuine in nature.

User-Generated Visuals Are Helpful For Budget – In marketing, the resources are often limited and the budget stretched thin. Getting visual content brings in more pressure to the already thin budget. User-generated visual content is one of the best ways of solving the issue without spending an obscene amount of money. With the development and easy access to smartphones and cameras, people are more inclined to post photos of a product and you can source them directly. This method will save money and provide a seemingly endless source of visual images.

Using Of UGC Projects Your Openness – Apart from creating a conversation, using UGC will mean building a deeper and more authentic relationship with the customer base. It may seem surprising but your audience wants to be heard. According to a Bazaar Voice Study, it has been proven that 64% of millennials and 53% of the baby boomers are looking for more ways to share their opinions about brands. By using user-generated content, you are giving them the chance and platform to do so.

The importance of user-generated content or UGC is going to grow further in the coming years. To make sure that your business can enjoy the benefits to the fullest, your Social media marketing strategy needs to be tweaked accordingly. It will help your marketing endeavors further ensuring success. To know how to use UGC for the benefit of your business, please keep an eye on our blog page.

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