follow the 80_20 Rule

Follow The 80/20 Rule!

It wasn’t to long ago that I read Perry Marshalls 80/20 Sales and Marketing book and at the time being completely new to marketing, I didn’t quit understand the concept until now.

This book talks about the 80/20 (Pareto) Principle to sales and marketing by showing how to exponentially amplify your efforts by focusing on the most important 20%.

For example, if your company hires 10 people, 2 will generate 80% of the results. Those 2 are 16x as effective as the others.

“Everything that really matters in business isn’t linear, it’s exponential. 80/20 is about Power Laws – powers of 10. … Customers’ ability to spend money is not in increments but multiples.”

I would like to take this a step further and talk about why you have to do this in your digital marketing strategy.

If your on LinkedIn right now, have a profile set up and are fairly active you probably have been bombarded by automated messages asking if you would be interested in someone else’s service.

I get the hustle… I really do, but it pains me to see these messages.

Where has all the value gone? Why are we not seeing our social media feeds filled with value that businesses actually have to offer.

No I will not schedule a call with you Mr. CPA because you could save me money on my taxes…. why? Because I Don’t Know You!!

As business owners and those who market online you have to be super focused on delivering insane amounts of value to your audience. You should literally be following the 80/20 rule on this. 80% Value 20% Sales. If you follow this correctly you probably won’t even have to make the sales pitch.

Providing great value to your audience builds trust, plain and simple. If you can over deliver on your products and show value upfront this will lead to more sales and more business.

What does the “value” part of this look like? Bringing it back to the CPA example… Send me an eBook on ways that I can save on my taxes today.. Release a series of helpful tip videos on YouTube that I can refer to if I have questions. Post great content that shows me why I should be working with you over my existing CPA. If you consistently provide value to your target audience you will grow your tribe and in return when you do ask for the sale you will get buyers immediately.

Yes there are hundreds of other ways to build a massive following but I firmly believe that if you can stick to this simple strategy you will build the right kind of audience who truly loves your product or services.


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